Sunshine Law Firm is a PRC law firm with extensive experience providing energy, environment, and infrastructure-related legal services in China and abroad. Founded in 1995, we serve our clients from four offices in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. We aspire to become a world-class law firm with utmost professionalism and unrivalled mastery of what we do. For 25 years, we hold consistently our core principles of “Efficiency and Responsiveness, Prudence and Diligence, Teamwork and Collaboration” in our full spectrum of services supporting the development, construction, investment and financing, merger and acquisition, and operation and maintenance of numerous energy, resources, and environment-related projects. We proudly serve our clients across China and in more than 60 other jurisdictions in Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Our clients recognize us as “the most professional Chinese law firm in energy and environmental laws,” whereas Chambers and Partners has been constantly ranking us as a Band 1 law firm in the market for energy and natural resources services. Sunshine strives for maximizing our clients’ commercial values and minimizing their legal risks, and robustly works with government authorities, business community, financial institutions, research institutions, trade associations and other valuable partners and fellow stakeholders.

Sunshine Team

Energy Project Development and Construction

Sunshine has served as long-term legal counsel for investors, project owners, project financiers and other project participants during energy project development and construction, especially in electricity, coal, gas, oil and natural gas. Sunshine provides comprehensive legal supports for early-stage preparation service, project binding and tendering service, financing, insurance and contracts negotiation and disputes solution for, including:

  1. Pre-land and land demolition compensation project early-stage preparation services
  2. Project environmental impacts assessments and feasibility study reports
  3. Project biding and purchasing, tender review and bid evaluation consultation
  4. Contract draft and review of engineering survey and design, construction supervision, project management and other contracts
  5. Important contract negotiation of equipment procurement, EPC contracting and financing insurance
  6. Process management
  7. Claims and crisis handling
  8. Project legal risk assessment and risk prevention system establishment
  9. Formulation and improvement of project contract management and model contract
  10. Relevant legal training of project development construction
Infrastructure Construction and Park Investment

Sunshine provides full range of legal services, BOT/BT/TOT projects financing legal services for governments, investors and financing parties in sectors of energy, environmental protection, water utilities, highway, tunnel and other infrastructure construction and park investment, including:

  1. Identifying franchise project investment and biding plan
  2. Project risk assessment assistant
  3. Drafting and reviewing investment and biding documents, investment application, tender documents and other related documents
  4. Identifying project financing plan and guarantee model
  5. Drafting, reviewing and negotiating various BOT, BT, and TOT franchise agreements
  6. Legal services of biding and rendering related to project development and construction
  7. Project land disposal and legal process review
  8. Project insurance plan design
  9. Project review assistant
  10. Drafting, modifying and reviewing loan agreement, account regulatory agreement and financing guarantee agreements

EPC Contracting and Project Management

As the long-term legal counsel of large professional engineering companies, survey and design companies, Sunshine provides comprehensive legal services for project biding and tendering, contracts drafting and negotiation, contracting performance and dispute solution, including:

  1. EPC contracting and project management consultation
  2. EPC contracting and project management binding activity supports
  3. Contract review and modification of EPC contracting and project management
  4. Contract negotiation of EPC contracting and project management
  5. Contract review and modification of project subcontract bidding documents
  6. Project subcontract biding activities and contract negotiation
  7. Construction contract performance service
  8. Formulation and improvement of project management system and module contract
  9. Engineering change notice, visa and claims handling
  10. Relevant legal training of EPC contracting and project management

Corporate M&A and Financing

Sunshine provides full range of legal services, such as consortium loan, financing, trust investment and finance lease for hundreds of corporate M&A and reorganization, particularly in the section of electricity, coal, oil, natural gas, renewable energy, environment, real estate and municipal facility, including:

  1. Legal due diligence on target corporate
  2. M&A financing path selection and design
  3. Legal documents draft and negotiation
  4. Processing services of documents application, approval, register, record and information disclosure
  5. Articles and association formulation, property delivery, corporate control transfer
  6. Relevant industry and commerce, warrant change and registration
  7. Formulating corporate follow-up improvement program

Overseas Investment and M&A

With the understanding of investment host legal investment and market situation, Sunshine provides full range of legal services for designing investment and M&A plan, identifying, evaluating and controlling risks, including:

  1. Investment legal environment and industry policies of host country investigation
  2. Project due diligence, risk assessment and management
  3. Investment M&A plan and transaction framework design
  4. Project financing plan and guarantee structure design
  5. Relevant approval procedure, overseas and exchange management of host countries and China
  6. Drafting, reviewing and negotiating BOT (TOT) agreements/acquisition agreements, JV agreement, article and association
  7. Drafting, reviewing and negotiating design, procurement, construction, financing and sales agreements
  8. Handling legal issues about account settling up, exchange and re-investment of outbound company operation

International Project Contracting and Operation

Since 1998, involved in international project contracting, Sunshine supports Chinese enterprises to actively participate in the international project contracting market, and provides comprehensive legal services for project tendering, contract negotiation, execution, claims and dispute settlement, including:

  1. Legal environment investigation of international engineering site
  2. Project contracting risk assessment and handling suggestions
  3. Biding documents review and tendering documents preparation
  4. Project cooperation model and contracting plan design
  5. Negotiation of project EPC contracting and subcontract procurement contract
  6. Handling letter of guarantee, insurance, customs clearance, labor and tax of project contracting involving
  7. Potential risk check and respond during project implementation
  8. Handling change, claims and counterclaims during project implementation

International Trade and Technology Transfer

With in-depth understanding of laws and regulations about international trade in goods and technology, Sunshine is expert in identifying and preventing potential risks of international trade and technology transfer. Sunshine assists clients in handling related disputes and provides legal services throughout the international transfer/licensing business of international bidding procurement, energy conservation and rail transportation, such as:

  1. Intellectual property risk prevention
  2. Full range legal services of international biding procurement
  3. Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contract of international sales transaction
  4. Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contract of technology transfer and license
  5. Legal services consultation and handling letter of credit, factoring, letter of guarantee and standby letter of credit
  6. Legal services consultation and handling exchange, customs, commodity inspection and taxes
  7. Information consultation of trade barriers and trade preference
  8. Claims and disputes settlement
  9. Agent of International arbitration

Environmental Compliance and Risk Control

Dedicated in legal studies on climate change and environmental protection, Sunshine is proficient in laws and regulations of energy conservation and emission reduction. Sunshine provides services to identify and manage environmental risks derived in project construction, investment and M&A, and land transaction, and also provides legal supports of environmental litigation and insurance issues, including:

  1. Counsel for government environmental enforcement
  2. Enterprise environmental responsibility risk control
  3. Legal service for pollutant emission permit
  4. Legal services for green financing legal
  5. Legal services for PPP project
  6. Legal services for exploration and development of mineral resources
  7. Legal services for energy saving and environmental protection construction
  8. Third party services for energy saving and environmental protection
  9. Dispute settlement and crisis handle
  10. Policies consultation for climate change and carbon trade
  11. Consultation and training of enterprise environmental risk

Dispute Settlement

Sunshine has successfully represented a large number of litigation and international domestic arbitration cases. The amount of subject is over millions of millions. Most of Sunshine lawyers have the arbitrator qualification and judicial practice. Sunshine provides comprehensive legal services for litigation, arbitration, civil compulsory execution and emergencies handling, including:

  1. Legal risks assessment of major disputes
  2. Formulating legal disputes handling plan
  3. Inquiring and collecting property clues
  4. Agent of commercial litigations and arbitrations
  5. Agent of administrative review and litigation
  6. Handling bankrupt and reorganization process of debtors
  7. Negotiation, conciliation and reconciliation
  8. Agent cases execution
  9. Other related disputes matters

Enterprise Legal Risk Management

As the long-term legal counsel of hundreds of national and local energy enterprises, Sunshine provides comprehensive legal services for establishing laws and regulations case library, modifying and improving rules and regulations, formulating model contract, assessing legal risks and developing legal risks response plan, such as:

  1. Laws and regulation case library establishment
  2. Legal review of rules and regulations
  3. Formulating and improving various model contract
  4. Professional legal consultation for intellectual property and labor employment
  5. Special legal risk assessment
  6. Legal risks control suggestions
  7. Special training on legal risk management
  8. Legal feasibility study on the company's major business decisions

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

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